Blessing of the Bikes

Reverend Kenneth Stewart, pastor of Greene Street United Methodist Church here in Piqua, Ohio gave our Annual “Blessing of the Bikes” today at noon at the Gazebo.  This kicks off the City of Piqua’s Bike Month which begins on May 1st, 2016.  



What follows is Pastor Kenneth’s prayer…

“God who is Father, Son, and Spirit; the unseen companion through all our many journeys, we praise you this day for the strength to ride, the air that fills our lungs, a great city with which to enjoy, and all your creative wonders.

As we embark on a new season of riding, we seek your blessing for our safety, for joy, for health, for beauty, and for adventure. We pray that we would find even more beauty and wonder in your creative order, whether from birds singing a new song to a hidden gem found in the cleft of a rock. May all the wonder and richness of your creation give us all the more reason to pause and say thank you for the world in which you have made; a world you have offered to us as a gift to celebrate and care for.

As we ride alone, may your presence bring peace and provide meaningful time for prayer and conversation with you. As we ride with family and friends, may our relationships grow to deeper places where the depth of your love is discovered.

As we move with the land, with all its twists and turns, hills and valleys, may we be ever-mindful of your steady faithfulness and your unchanging grace, poured out for all to enjoy.

We thank you for the warm sun on our brow and the cool breeze offered by a shaded trail. We praise you, merciful God, for the strength to ride and for all who maintain our pathways. We pray, Great God of refuge, for an accident-free year of riding, both for those on foot and those behind the wheel and those on two wheels.”  Amen!

May we all get out and enjoy our wonderful path system during this Bike Month!

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