Eye on the City – April 2016

One of the things that has always hit me funny is what many folks here in our community say when speaking about Piqua…they say, “Well, you know it’s just Piqua.”  

The truth is how we speak affects how we think.  If we say “It’s just Piqua” that is what we will believe.  But I want us to turn that around and suggest that we all say, “This is Piqua!”   Because this is positive and holds much more truth than the former saying.  So, let me share with you what I see when I say “This is Piqua!”




Ryan King, local runner and owner of Can’t Stop Running Company did Piqua proud this past month running the Boston Marathon!   The training and determination it takes to complete a Marathon is true dedication.  Wow!  Way to go Ryan! 





Our own Piqua Show Choir known as The Company, under the direction of Mr. Tom Westfall won Grand Champions this past month as one of their companions.  Wow!!! What an amazing group of talented young people!




Also this past month our Piqua Arts Council raised over $50,000 in this years “Dancing With The Piqua Stars!”  Thanks to our 6 Star Dancers the money raised will help to promote the Arts here in our wonderful community!  Wow!!! Thanks to those 6 Star Dancers, and Rick and Judy Bowerman of RJ Ballrooms, who gave of their time and talents!






Over the past 10 weeks, dedicated teachers, staff and administrators at Piqua Central Intermediate School have been giving of their time to hold a Run Club after school for the 6th grade class.  They do this with no extra compensation.  They do this because they love the kids and want to teach them healthy choices!  Wow!!!  Thanks to these dedicated folks, our children are being taught the importance of physical fitness and daily exercise!  



Bike Piqua is a local chapter of Bike Miami Valley and was founded by local biking enthusiasts in the Spring of 2015.  Bike Piqua’s main focus is to advocate, promote, and create opportunities for all forms of bicycling here in Piqua and the Miami Valley.  Bike Piqua has been very active in promoting May as Bike Month here in our community.  This is a National event  that takes place in many communities throughout the US.  National Bike Month was established by the League of American Bicyclists  in 1956.  In our community, Bike Month gives us a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try here in our community!  Wow!!! Thanks to these amazing, active citizens who encourage us to get out and get moving on our wonderful path system! 

unnamed                                         image007-2


Mainstreet Piqua hosts a Community Clean-Up Day the first Saturday in May and has for over 7 years.  This is a time where Citizen Pride can be seen throughout our community as there are people all over the city picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks, and doing some over-all sprucing up.   Civic organizations, scout troops, local garden clubs, and other groups come together working side-by-side doing all they can to make Piqua an even better place to live!  WOW!!!  Now that is what I call a gift to the community you live in and a wonderful way to give back!


Finally, I would like to mention the recent walking tour that was held of our Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment Projects.  What a night we had and it was SO well attended!  It was an exclusive opportunity to get inside these historic structures and take the first look at our plans to redesign them as public spaces.  Wow!!! It was an amazing evening and the Piqua Pride was flowing as we moved from building to building and heard about the visions for the future.


Yes, my friends, THIS IS PIQUA!  So the next time you hear someone in our community say…well, “You know, it is just Piqua”…you can say with Piqua Pride that “Our community is moving forward as a leader in the Miami Valley of what is to come!”  Yes, THIS IS PIQUA! 


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