WOTVC – Eye on the City – April 2016

Click on the link below for my first episode of Eye on the City as seen on our local TV station WOTVC.  

In “Eye on the City” I am talking about how we as a community are Moving in the “Move Piqua” segment.  This episode focuses on the 6th grade Run Club at Piqua Central Intermediate School.  

There is another segment called “This is Piqua” where I want to remind people to not say “Ya know, it is just Piqua” and turn it around and say “THIS IS PIQUA!” because there are awesome things happening here!  This segment highlights May at Bike Month here in our city and I talk to City Planner – Chris Schmeising one of our many Bike champion here in Piqua.  

My final segment is called “Piqua Now” where I will highlight what is happening right now here in our community.  Because economic development is something I hear many citizens ask me about, I thought it would be good in this episode’s segment for me to talk to City Manager – Gary Huff and get his thoughts on economic development.  So click the link below and join me for my FIRST episode of EYE ON THE CITY!  ~ YOUR Mayor Kazy Hinds.

First Episode of “Eye on the City”

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