The Great Miami River is part of a National Water Trail & Piqua is Celebrating!


National WaterThe City of Piqua is pleased to invite community members and officials from throughout the region to join in recognizing the recent designation of the Great Miami Watershed Water Trail as a National Water Trail System. The water trail includes the Great Miami, Stillwater and Mad rivers and is the only national water trail in Ohio.

The National Water Trails System is a distinctive national network of exemplary water trails that has been established to protect and restore America’s rivers and waterways and increase access to outdoor recreation. “Our world-class network of national trails provides easily accessible places to enjoy exercise and connect with nature in both urban and rural areas while also boosting tourism and supporting economic opportunities in local communities across the country,” says U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell.

In coordination with the Miami Conservancy District and Ohio’s Great Corridor officials, the City of Piqua will be hosting a proclamation ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the significance of the water trail designation. The ceremony will be held at Lock Nine Park in Piqua, Ohio on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. Representatives from state and federal agencies will be in attendance to join local officials in recognizing the water trail designation.

The proclamation ceremony will take place in conjunction with an annual river festival that epitomizes the growing interest in our communities to reconnect with the Great Miami Riverway. There will be canoe races and paddle play activities on the Great Miami River from midafternoon until early evening, with a break in the action during the time the ceremony takes place, followed by live music, food and beer tasting, and the display of river fire rings during the evening hours.

For more information about the river festival please visit Down the River- Down a Beer



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