Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Together – Piqua & Troy Fight for a Cure!


Mayor Beamish-Troy, OH & Mayor Hinds-Piqua, OH – Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2016

As many of you know this past Spring, I issued a challenge to my friend Mayor Beamish in Troy.  The challenge was to see who could have the most walkers in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  The walk was held this past weekend and what a great turnout we had!  Local organizations, banks, assisted living facilities, and family and friends of those affected by the disease throughout the Miami County came out to “Walk for a Cure.”

In speaking with Katie Mauch, Director of Communications and Walk Coordinator with the Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter so far &58,483.00 has been raised and with the addition of the outstanding scholarship money pledged once all is collected $62,048.00 will have been raised!  That is more than $7000.00 over the goal set for the walk!  Way to go Miami County!

The City of Piqua had a great turn out and thanks to Diana Tamplin, the Walk Coordinator for the City over $500.00 was raised!  Thank YOU – City of Piqua!



You know together we are SO much stronger!  Yes there is a healthy Piqua-Troy rivalry that is talked about time and time again, but I want to point out the evidence of what we can do together as the Miami County region!  Yes, what benefits one of us benefits ALL!

Final numbers show that there were 181 walkers this past Saturday.  Troy had 149 & Piqua had 66.  So I congratulate my friend Mayor Beamish on a great Troy turn out, but Piqua had a great showing as well…with the other Miami County communities way behind both Piqua & Troy in the number of their walkers.  Yes, together we are stronger, and I hope that we can find more opportunities to come together and work to better the place that we call home…Piqua/Troy = Miami County!


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