THIS. Is Piqua! – “The Indian Way!”

I spent the afternoon at PCIS (Piqua Central Intermediate School) today judging “Shark Tank” for some 6th graders.  While I was there I noticed this poster on the wall in one of the classrooms.  As I read it, I felt the need to share it with our wider community.  The faculty and staff have worked hard this year to create a wonderful, positive environment at PCIS, and it shows when you walk through the halls of the school.  

“The Indian Way” is just one of the many things they are doing to help guide and form some of our youngest citizens to be the best they can be.  I wanted to share this with our wider community, because I feel “The Indian Way” is something we all could use in our day to day life.  Yes!  THIS. Is Piqua! “The Indian Way”…and may it help to lead all of us, the citizens of Piqua, to also be the best that we can be!