THIS. Is Piqua! – Active Living at its finest!


We talk a lot about “Quality Life” here in Piqua, and we do have a quality life here.  It is up to each one of us to get off the couch and enjoy it! It has been exciting to watch Piqua become an Active Living community, because we do not need to look very far to see our citizens out and about – living actively on a daily basis. We even see folks out running in cold and snowy weather, just because they have the passion and desire to be active and stay active! 

We all hear over and over again that being physically active is important to improve our health and to reduce our risk of developing physical diseases. We also have been told that being physically active has many immediate and long-term health benefits and that regular physical activity can even improve our quality of life! So, it is easy to say that one of the main reasons to get out and be active is to have a quality of life that we can enjoy for many, many years!

We are very lucky to live where we do because we have all sorts of opportunities to get out and be active right outside our front doors. We have over 13 miles of a paved path right here in our community where we can bike, run, and walk. Our paved path is part of the longest path network in entire country, and it is right here in our own backyard! We are seeing more and more of our citizens getting active and as the weather warms up we will see even more out living actively in many parts of our community. In our warmer months, we even see our citizens working out in our local parks and yoga happening in some of our downtown public spaces. Wow, Piqua! We are a Active Living community!  

We also have a National Water Trail flowing right through our community as the Great Miami River was designated as a National Water Trail last year. The Buckeye Trail, which is part of the North Country trail, goes right through our community as well. So in addition to biking, running, and walking…our citizens can also hike, paddle, and kayak right here where they live! I have lived in other places where I had to travel quite a distance to hike or paddle my kayak, and one of the many great things about Piqua is that we can do it right here where we live… never having to travel very far to get out and be active!  

Yes, we are an Active Living community and I have not even begun to mention our  swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, the YMCA & YWCA and all they, and many other fitness centers right here in our community, offer to help our citizens be and stay active.  And, from time to time we even see water-skiers on the Great Miami River!  

Here in the great City of Piqua, we have so many places and ways to get out and be active!  We have a “Quality Life” here in the City of Piqua, so get out and enjoy it. Active Living is who we are, so get out and BE ACTIVE! Active Living…THIS. Is Piqua!

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