Huff’s vision will continue to grow!

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Gary A. Huff

There is one truth about change…it is constant and it is and will always be with us. Yes, change is something we all face day to day, and we are now facing it here in the City of Piqua with our City Manager, Gary Huff’s recent announcement that he has accepted a position as City Manager in Ashland, Kentucky. As Gary has said this is the only position that would have taken him away from Piqua, since it will put Gary back in the community that is very close to where he grew up. In Ashland, Gary and his wife Janet will be close to family and long-time friends. On behalf of the City of Piqua, I want to wish them the best in all that lies ahead in this new and exciting chapter.

The truth is that we were lucky to have Gary for as long as we did. Gary has been a huge asset to the City of Piqua, and under his tenure here we have seen quite a lot of progress! Gary’s philosophy of a “Quality of Life” has been a big part of his vision for us as a community and one that will continue to move us into what is next. We are on an uphill climb and I know that we will not miss a beat, since we have great staff here in our city to keep the momentum going! Gary helped us all see and grab onto our vision of the “Quality of Life” we have here in Piqua!  He articulated this vision to us, the citizens of Piqua, in many different ways over these last 5 + years. Gary has been one of our biggest cheerleaders and he helped to bring about many positive changes for the City of Piqua. We can see evidence of this throughout our city, and the truth is that we will continue to see evidence of Gary’s leadership even after he is gone with projects that began under his tenure are completed. 

Gary has been instrumental in his strategic planning initiatives that raised the expectations for our community appearance through proactive code enforcement and improved infrastructure. Gary has helped us to identify and promote the wonderful assets we have here in our community, which is shown in the redevelopment initiative of our Riverfront. Our Public Safety programs have improved and we continue to look into new ways to promote energy and environmental opportunities here within our city. This only lists a small part of what Gary has done and has meant to us. Yes, Gary was a dedicated City Manager.  He became one of us very quickly and he waved our flag everywhere he went!

Gary will be dearly missed by us all, but I want to remind our citizens that Gary leaves us in very good hands. We have a fantastic staff here in the City of Piqua and they know how to continue on. Our city employees really are one of our greatest assets and at times like this, especially, we must remind ourselves of this truth. 


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