Proclamation Giving Thanks for the Mission and Ministry of Grace Family Worship Center



WHEREAS, Grace Family Worship Center is the second ministry founded by the late W. Howard Collier and Alberta Collier in Troy in 2007, and 

WHEREAS, Pastor Howard Collier was the founder of the Church of Jesus in 1971 which began via cabin meetings and a 22 day  tent revival on Bassett Ave. Piqua.  The ministry continued on in Piqua for over 33 years. In 2007 the 2nd ministry was birthed in Troy Ohio by the late W. Howard Collier. It was in 2014 that the mantle of Grace Family  Worship Center was passed to their son H. Eugene along with his wife Trina as they accepted the responsibility to carryout the ministry.  Pastor H. Eugene and Evangelist Trina D. Collier have been ordained ministers with Christ Our King Church.

 WHEREAS, Pastors Eugene and Trina believe that showing people the love of Christ begins in one’s own home and local community. Grace Family Worship Center has been known as a welcoming family atmosphere and a place where discipleship and outreach are at the core of what they do.

 WHEREAS, while Grace Family Worship Center was in Troy their work centered around the ministry of worship, praise, and serving the community through multiple ways, such as providing “Back to school” supplies each year, leadership in Declare on the Square, serving as facilitator of Getting Ahead classes at Partners in Hope, key supporters and sponsor of the Troy FOA (Family of Addicts) group, active in Hope over Heroin both in Dayton and Miami County, providing Tornado Recovery assistance, sponsoring uniforms for school children in Puerto Rico, and Annual School Prayer Walks.

 WHEREAS, Grace Family Worship Center relocated to Piqua from Troy holding its first church service on June 23, 2019 and immediately became involved with our community. Grace Family Worship Center has a heart for children and know the importance of education, so Grace Family Worship Center hosted a Piqua National Night Out block party in August and gave away school supplies to the local children. The Grace Family parishioners are looking forward to serving and reaching out to the Piqua community.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Kathryn B. Hinds, Mayor of the City of Piqua, Ohio designate this Proclamation as a public recognition and give thanks for the mission and ministry of Grace Family Worship Center and welcome them with open arms back into the Piqua community.  We are so very happy you have chosen Piqua to continue your ministry of worship, praise, and serving the community.  We celebrate with you this “homecoming” and are thankful for Grace Family Worship Center’s dedication, under the leadership of Pastors Eugene and Trina Collier,  to their faith, their family, ministry and community.


hereunto  set my hand and caused to

be affixed the Seal of the City of

Piqua, this 22nd day of September 2019.


#PiquaUnited – CommUNITY Event – A Gathering for Peace, Love, Unity, & Kindness!


Piqua United no PCSOn October 27, 2018, I was horrified to hear about a mass shooting that occurred at the Tree of Life Congregation in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while Shabbat morning services were being held.  “Shabbat” is a Hebrew word, which means to rest or cease; and it is Judaism’s day of rest and the seventh day of the week.  The English version of the word Shabbat is Sabbath, and many religious faiths honor and observe taking a Sabbath.  As one takes time for Sabbath, a space of quiet and rest, one takes time to be quiet and rest and in doing so one learns how to live again.  Taking a Sabbath, is truly all about healing and as we know healing involves making things whole once again.

After this horrific tragedy happened at the Tree of Life Congregation, I was moved to attend the Shabbat services at Temple Anshe Emeth here in our community.  Temple Anshe Emeth is the second oldest Jewish congregation in the Miami Valley; and Anshe Emeth means “People of Truth” in Hebrew.  After the service, I gathered with the Rabbi and others in the congregation for a meal and as we broke bread together we began to speak about the tragedy and the divisions in our country.  Many deep feelings were shared that evening, and as we sat together, the idea began to form of some kind of community event that would be centered around peace and bringing our community together in unity.  Reverend Todd Allen from Westminster Presbyterian Church was also in attendance that evening for the Shabbat services and he, the Rabbi and myself began to talk about what such an event might look like for our community and when we might want to do it.

Then August 4th, 2019 happened and we had another mass shooting, this time in our own backyard, the Oregon District of Dayton and many from our local community were impacted by this horrific event.  Now the time had come for such an event centered around unity for our community.  It was then that I gathered Reverend Todd Allen from Westminster Presbyterian Church, Steve Shuchat who serves as the President of Temple Anshe Emeth, Pastors John and Stacy Scott from True Vine Church, and myself together to pray and talk about what an event for unity might look like for our community.  This is when “Piqua United!” came into being.

It was time to bring our community together and bring to fruition what had been on my heart for months and months and had been stirring in the depths of my soul to address the deep need of bringing our community together and somehow wrap loving arms around us as a city and give ourselves one big hug!  All my life, I have been one who works hard to include everyone at the table.  This is my leadership style and when there is division and pain, I am one to jump into that pain and find ways to bring those who are hurting together for a time of healing.  The truth is that this is what we, as humans, have been created for and called to do!  We have been created to love one another and to hold each other in the light; especially in times of great darkness!

Friends, our children, now more than ever, need us to model for them how to harmoniously live together, how to be kind to one another, and what it means to be a good neighbor one to the other.  It saddens me because, I am seeing our world become more and more divided, and it is painful to watch.  It seems that we are more about pointing out how we are different then how we are the same, and our community of Piqua, Ohio is no different from the next…it is happening everywhere!

Piqua, just as every community in our country, is a wonderfully diverse community.  The beauty of the fabric of our community is that we are not all the same. Yet, we are all part of the City of Piqua and this is what we hold in common; and it is up to each one of us to make our community the very best that it can be.  To encourage others in our city to join us as we move forward together.

So as I said previously, in order to help bring into being what we want to see for our community Piqua United! was organized and has been planned.  It will be an evening gathering together in hope for our community.  And, the truth is that hope itself empowers our intention and will give character to our actions.  So, it is the hope of those of who are planning this event that our city will come together and stand in unity not only on October 20th, 2019 but each and every day that we rise from our beds. 

The City of Piqua is a strong community that we have all chosen to call home.  So, may we come together in hope for an even more unified community on October 20th, 2019 at 7:00 PM.  It will be an evening focused on bringing our community together as we gather in peace, love, unity, and kindness.  I hope to see YOU there!   ~ Mayor Kazy B. Hinds