A New Year’s Letter to the Citizens of Piqua, Ohio – January 2018

HindsTo the Wonderful Citizens of Piqua, Ohio!

A dear friend of mine would always spend New Year’s Day reflecting on the past year and writing notes to those that were meaningful to him that year. It was a great way for him to honor all the year held for him and put his mind towards looking at all that was before him in the coming New Year! As your Mayor, I too have taken some time to look over our accomplishments in 2017 and what is in store for us in 2018.

Because of the hard work of our city staff, in 2017 we have received over $3,000,000.00 in Grants and Donations that is being used for things such as helping to support much needed infrastructure repairs here in our city, revitalization for our downtown business, and to further our vision of redevelopment especially around the Riverfront! We have also received over $54,000,000.00 in 0% interest loans to help with projects such as our new Water Treatment Plant and the expansion and upgrade that we have begun in our Wastewater Treatment Plant. Vectren’s New Gas Line Infrastructure project has invested over $2,500,00.00 in our city, using the Piqua Power Turbines has saved us over $2,300,000.00 for our Power Department, and the iPiqua Fund – a fund to assist with the redevelopment of abandoned and vacant buildings, properties, and brownfield sites – has raised over $1,000,000.00 this year! Yes, financially it has been a great year for the City of Piqua!

We have also completed many projects this year! The new Water Treatment Plant, the Precision Approach Path Indicator System at the airport, the Water Storage Tower on Fox Drive, Phase 1 of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure, the Commercial Street Corridor Neighborhood Bike Connector, Repairs to the Public Works Complex, Paving of Covington Avenue, Paving of Numerous Streets and Alleys throughout the City, the Painting of the East Ash Street Railroad Bridge, Phase 1 of the Riverfront and Lock 9 Park Redevelopment, and the Beginning of Construction for the Expansion and Upgrade of our Wastewater Treatment Plant. Yes, it has been a busy and very productive year here in the City of Piqua!

The City of Piqua has also received many awards and recognitions this year. The Piqua Power Department received 2 awards – a Safety Award from the American Power Association & a RP3 – Excellence in Reliability Award from American Public Power. We were recognized for the 5th year in a row as a Playful City. The Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA) recognized Justin Sommer (Economic Development Director and Assistant City Manager) and the City of Piqua with the OEDA 2017 Annual Excellence Award in Economic Development Marketing Small Community.  Cynthia Holtzapple (Finance Director) received 2 awards – a Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting from the Government Financial Officers Association and the Ohio State Auditors Award of Excellence. Yes, we have much to be proud of here in our wonderful city and it is nice to get recognized for the great work we are doing by our peers throughout the state and country!

2018 promises to be another busy and full year as well! We will begin to implement some of the suggestions from the Comprehensive Parks Master Plan that was completed in August 2017. The first being the construction of a Dog Park, which will be located in Pitsenbarger Park and Sports Complex. We will begin Phase 2 of the Riverfront and Lock 9 Park Redevelopment Plan and in this phase, we will begin to see the future Lock 9 begin to take shape! The East Ash Street Bridge Repair and Trail Extension and Looney/Garbry Intersection will be completed in this coming year. The Downtown Facade project and Phase 2 of our Advance Metering Infrastructure will be completed in 2018. The Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation and the new Health and Sanitation Facility is on the books for 2018.  Yes, 2018 will be another great year here in the Great City of Piqua!

I give thanks to our citizens for the support you give us as we move our city forward. I give thanks for the many ways Piqua has grown and been recognized this past year for our Quality Life. Yes, we are fortunate to live in such a great city that has so many wonderful amenities, like the recreational path, the Great Miami River, and our excellent schools. Finally, I give thanks for the lessons we have all learned in 2017 and wish all of our citizens a prosperous 2018! Here’s to all that is before us in this New Year! 


PROCLAMATION – Piqua Compassion Network (PCN) 10th Anniversary!



WHEREAS, we are here this evening to thank and congratulate the Piqua Compassion Network on their 10th Anniversary in the City of Piqua; and

WHEREAS, the Piqua Compassion Network is a network of people, both staff and volunteers, devoted to changing lives; and

WHEREAS, Piqua Compassion Network opened in September of 2007 by a group of dedicated volunteers and exists to transform lives by providing Christian hope, education and basic needs assistance to Piqua area residents; they are committed to provide a hand up by empowering individuals to move forward from crisis and poverty; and

WHEREAS, the Piqua Compassion Network aides our community in so many ways such as: finding safe housing options, needed transportation, healthy living and lifestyles information,  utility assistance, prescription assistance for medical emergencies, work boots for employment needs and those are just to name a few; and

WHEREAS, without Piqua Compassion Network helping our local citizens, many residents would be left behind with little to no hope as to how to move forward from a crisis or uprising out of poverty; and

WHEREAS, today and every day we need to be aware of those with needs within our community, to be thankful that Piqua Compassion Network lends a helping hand to those in need, to be thankful they offer encouragement to those in need, to be thankful they offer a kind smile with compassionate understanding to those who are struggling, and mostly we need to be thankful that we are blessed to have Piqua Compassion Network in our Community!

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kathryn B. Hinds, Mayor of the City of Piqua, Ohio, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the City of Piqua, do hereby congratulate Piqua Compassion Network on their 10 year anniversary as we thank their staff and volunteers for their dedicated service to citizens in our beautiful community. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Seal of the City of Piqua, Ohio, this 21st day of September 2017.